The Faith Lutheran Altar Guild…
prepares the nave and chancel for worship services and cleans up after worship;
changes the eternal candle;
displays, cleans and stores paraments and linens;
cares for sacramental vessels and vestments;
makes proper arrangements for Baptism and the celebration of the Lord’s Supper;
provides appropriate candles, paraments, vestments, banners, flowers and decorations for the enhancement of worship.
If you are interested in being involved in this ministry, please contact the altar guild chairman, Carol Helzer, at 788-3579.



THE BELL CHOIR practices on Thursday evenings, at 6:00, September through May.  We encourage any adult (including teenagers) who reads music to consider joining us.

THE SENIOR CHOIR practices on Thursday evenings, at 7:00, September through May.  The ability to read music is not required and we have the need for all voices.

We work on music for Sundays, as well as special music for Reformation, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  If there are any questions, contact Eric Stuewe at 316-680-4080 or email

Please, prayerfully consider being a part of one or both of the choirs and join us in offering praises to the Lord!




Are you seeking an opportunity to serve our Lord?  If so, then Circle of Peace would like to invite you to join us!

Our purpose is to serve our congregation and school, our church-at-large, and our community.  Through events such as Lenten and Advent dinners, and through the sale of greeting cards, Christmas cards and Advent calendars we raise funds for the purpose of supporting our congregation and school, provide financial support to seminary students and to our members who are attending our Concordia Universities to become full-time church workers, and to Lutherans for Life - to name a few.  We also provide meals for our congregational families in times of need, such as after the birth of a baby.

We purchase Bibles for our upcoming 3rd grade students who are preparing to start midweek classes, acknowledge our high-school and college graduates with a card and special pin, and send cards to our members who serve in the armed forces.  We organize the purchase of Easter lilies and poinsettias, make palm crosses for Palm Sunday, and once a year we deep-clean our church and school kitchens.

Would you prayerfully consider becoming a member of Circle of Peace?  We meet monthly in the fellowship hall.  Watch newsletters and weekly bulletins for schedule.  We would love to have you join us at our next meeting!



Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

LWML Pledge: In fervent gratitude for the Savior's undying love and His blood-bought gift of redemption, we dedicate ourselves to Him with all that we are and have; and in obedience to His call for workers in the harvest fields, we pledge Him our willing service wherever and whenever He has need of us.  We consecrate to our Savior our hands to work for Him, our feet to go on His errands, our voice to sing His praises, our lips to proclaim His redeeming love, our silver and our gold to extend His Kingdom, our will to do His will, and every power of our life to the great task of bringing the lost and the erring into eternal fellowship with Him.  Amen.


What LWML can do for you…
Exercise and build your Christian faith through devotions, Bible study and prayer.

Provide ways to help people in your church and community.
Provide you with Christian friendship and fellowship.
Make you part of the solution – help meet global needs for sharing and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Open your life to new blessings through service to the Lord and His people.


The LWML ladies of Faith do a variety of projects:
We continually collect items for Lutheran World Relief, including: quilts, health kits, school kits, layettes, sewing kits, and bars of soap.
We help Grace Lutheran with their food bank.
We support Missions with our mites.  It's not hard to just put our change in one of the mite boxes!


Faith Lutheran LWML meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the church.  Please watch for information in the weekly bulletins and monthly newsletters.
For more information, please call Marlene Smith at 524-0439.

We say a big THANK YOU for supporting the projects
that you may have helped with.



Senior Men Fix-It Group ...
… is a group of retired men who meet at the church
on Tuesday mornings at 9:00,
to do various tasks to assist the Trustees.
If you would like to be involved with this group,
just show up on any Tuesday morning
and there will no doubt be a job that you could help with.
There will be a cup of coffee for you, too!




The High School Youth participate in a variety of events,
including fund-raising to travel to various locations
during the summers for servant/mission work.

Mission Statement
United together, clothed in the full armor of God,
we spread the Word through fellowship
and provide opportunities through our servitude to attain unity in Christ, one step at a time, to glorify God.

Vision Statement
We will further Christ’s ministry by spreading the Word.
Being Christ-like by modeling His love,
we will help those less fortunate
through education, assisting with physical,
emotional, and other needs.

Various events in which the youth participate are:
Valentine Dinner, Easter Breakfast
Vacation Bible School, Reformation Celebration
… and other functions as needed

All 9th - 12th grade youth are invited to join us!

See the current directory for
Youth and Family leaders' contact information.


214 S Derby Ave

Derby, KS  67037



Pastor: Thomas Johnson  ⁞    Office Administrator: Ann Will  ⁞   Bookkeeper: Tim Hamer  ⁞ 

Prayer Chain: Colleen Erwin  ⁞  Sound: Julia Voss  ⁞ 

 Video: Tom Bevington  ⁞ 

Preschool Director: Karen Holt   ⁞  Principal: Susan Kleber

Divine Worship Times:

Sunday mornings at 8:15 & 10:45

Sunday School at 9:30